Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is mind sciences?

Mind sciences means that our thoughts or visualizations have a powerful influence, physically and spiritually  to control our lives and for achieving goals.This has been proved scientifically as well through quantum physics. People from all over the world regardless of their religions are practicing mind sciences techniques to improve their health and life styles.
How it works?
We have been bestowed with such a power in our mind that we can literally control our lives from health, wealth, achieving goals,happiness and even changing our bad habits.But this mind power can only be used when our mind is relaxed or at peace. So first you need to relax your mind.There are four states of our mind, i-e Beta , Alpha, Theta and Delta.Beta is the state when we do normal or routine work like, eating ,drinking,playing or doing some work. Alpha state is when our mind is at peace and body is completely relaxed,a state just before going to sleep.This is the state that can do wonders if used properly and regularly with positive affirmations and visualization.

Our Subconscious is Our Computer

In alpha state we get an access to our subconscious which acts as computer and we are the programmers of this computer. Loads of information is stored in our subconscious just like a computer.All the information of our day to day life is stored in it that we usually forget by the passage of time. That's why Hypnotists use the alpha state of their clients to access the information that is stored in their subconscious to recall it.
If someone has a bad habit and he/she wants to get rid of it then the best way is to do it by saying positive suggestions to our mind in alpha state everyday.
How to Enter into Alpha State
Alpha state is associated with daydreaming, meditation and deep prayers. Some people reach alpha state while watching tv since they get deeply involved in it and become unaware what's happening in the surroundings. Here is step by step guide how to enter into alpha state.

Technique No: 1

1. Choose a lonely place. Sit in a comfortable chair, couch or even your bed. There should be no distractions around you. Turn off your mobile, computer or any other device.
2. Take few deep breaths inhale slowly and then exhale slowly, at least three times. Close your eyes to make connection with your subconscious mind.
3. Imagine white light coming from the sky entering your head through crown and then passing through your neck area, shoulders, chest, belly, abdomen, hip area, down to legs and finally going out of feet into the ground.Imagine the muscles are relaxing and going into deeper and deeper relaxation as it passes through each and every part of the body.When you are at alpha state your tongue should not be touching the mouth roof, in fact it should be floating in your mouth, similarly upper and lower teeth should not be joined together.
There are few other techniques to enter into alpha state.

Technique No: 2

1. Sit in a comfortable place where there is no distraction around.
2. Move your eyes upward as much as you can as if you are trying to see through your forehead. Remain in this state for 15 seconds then try to close your eyes slowly and slowly. Don't worry if your eyes start fluttering, it's normal.
3. Now think as if your eyes are glued or bonded together, no matter how much you try, you cannot open your eyes. Now take few deep breaths and relax yourself. Ask yourself to relax deeply as much as you can. When your tongue floats  in your mouth, this is the sign of entering into the alpha state. Now you can give any positive suggestion to your subconscious. By positive suggestion means there should be no negative word or term used in your suggestion. For e.g, I am stronger , healthier and happier than ever before. Avoid using negative words like; not, no, sick, ill ,weak etc.
The other most important thing is that the words are nothing if there are no emotions involved in it. Involve yourself emotionally and feel what you say. Moreover, add visualization to your affirmations or suggestions. Visualize as if you have accomplished that task or you already have it whatever you are suggesting to your subconscious mind.

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