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Seven Chakras in Our Body - The Reiki Energy Centres

Reiki Chakras in a normal meaning are the insidious but powerful energy centers inside the human body. The word "Chakra" is actually derived from an Indian word which means wheel or circle. However, the word Chakra is of Sanskrit origin and has been used in almost all of the traditional ways of healing as practiced in the East. The belief and power of chakras has been used for over a hundred years. The chakra's role in treating illnesses and disorders has been remarkable.

In Reiki, there are seven chakras or energy centers positioned inside a person. And these chakras are connected to different points of the body. Each chakra has its link to the group of vital organs. Together, they assure the wellness of a person. However, these chakras can be prone to insufficiencies and instabilities. Here is the list of seven different Chakras who can help.

1.      Root Chakra
The Root Chakra is the main Chakra which is positioned at the bottom of the pelvis. The organs that are under it are the kidneys, adrenal glands, leg bones, large intestines, rectum, and spinal column. It is the main chakra that keeps a person grounded to his/her physical existence.
 2.      Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra is positioned on the navel. The whole reproductive system depends upon it, including the bladder and spleen. This chakra control's one's creativity, emotions, and sexuality.
 3.      Solar Plexus Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra directly controls the liver, stomach, gall bladder, small intestines, and pancreas. It is connected to a person's intellectual processes. The Solar Plexus Chakra is also the source of the power. Once open and balanced, it can convert all of your ambitions and dreams into reality.
4.      Heart Chakra
As its name implies, the Heart Chakra is situated right on the heart. It controls many of the functions associated with the heart, including the arms, lower lungs, skin, and the thymus gland. This is the chakra of the entire circulatory system.
The Heart Chakra is the one that creates the link from the physical world towards spiritual existence. It is also the center of one's emotions, especially the emotion of love.
 5.      Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra controls the thyroid gland, throat, jaw, upper lungs, and vocal chords. It may also affect the digestive system. This chakra governs a person's ability to communicate. It also inspires mental creativity.
 6.      Third-eye Chakra
The Third-eye Chakra is connected to the brain, nose, face, eyes, and almost all of the organs situated in the head. It also has power over the lower brain, pituitary gland, and the central nervous system. This is the chakra that opens one's intuition. It allows a person to visualize, manifest, and even create visions beyond ordinary sight.
 7.      Crown Chakra
The crown chakra corresponds to the person's whole being. It allows one's direct connection to the spirit. It can lead the way on the path towards universal existence. This Chakra, when opened, can make you experience the inner peace. It opens the path towards spiritual wisdom and can enhance one's psychic abilities.
These are the Seven Reiki Chakras that play a very important role in Reiki and in almost all of the traditional healing arts. An insufficiency in any of these chakras would correspond with an illness. Reiki aims to brighten, open, and equalize these energy points to achieve health, overall wellness, and peace.

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How To Manage Stress and Fatigue

Stress can be relieved by participating in a regular walking program, you can offset the long-term health implications of stress,and there are many. Research has linked stress to a host of physical ills, from back pain and stomach upset to high blood pressure and heart disease.Of course, when you're under pressure, whatever its source, going for a walk may be the last thing on your mind. You're not the only one who feels that way. When researchers tracked the exercise habits of 82 women for 8 weeks for stress management, they found that the women worked out less often during weeks that were filled with stressful events. At those times, exercise was "just one more thing to do."

How to manage stress with walk 

Adopt the right attitude by telling yourself that taking a walk will help you accomplish more on your to-do list. Walk makes you feel better and think more clearly, so you become more productive.When a day looks hectic, with lots of decisions ahead, an early-morning walk brings answers and clarity.If you choose a walking route that takes you down quiet streets or through a beautiful park with more appealing surroundings, you'll feel calmer.Walking on busy streets, in unsafe neighborhoods, or after dark only adds to your stress.

Relaxing exercise to manage stress

Stress management is not harder at all. It can be done by pushing yourself to go faster or farther only adds to your stress,so slow down your pace. Keep your walks leisurely during tense period. If your schedule is so busy that you can't find one chunk of time for your walk, take advantage of spare minutes throughout the day.Start with your head and observe any tension you might be feeling there. Take a deep inhale, and then with each exhale, imagine releasing tightness in your head and neck. Continue with your shoulders, arms, chest, belly, glutes, upper legs, lower legs, and feet. Spend several breaths on each area, gradually inviting every part of your body to relax. Repeat this exercise.

Walk for at least 15 minutes, or longer if you have time.
Try to focus on tension hot spots throughout your body; this will help you open up and unwind.

Stress management is not just a matter of relaxation, although knowing how to relax can certainly help. Nor is it a matter of aiming to have no stress at all. Stress management is essential. If you didn't have any, ever, you would never grow, never develop, never learn anything new, never change and probably die of boredom.

If you are not comfortable with applying all these strategies for stress management then I would highly recommend you using Hypnosis for stress management. Download this Mp3 and make yourself relieved and comfortable.

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