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Cure Diseases by Meditating colored lights

Every object in this world is represented by one or more colours. Similarly human beings have a well organized system of colours and waves in their body. Overall health of an individual depends on the balance of those waves and colours.Changes of behaviour in an individual affect the changes in colour as well. When someone hears some bad news, his/her face goes pale yellow colour. Similarly when one is happy, the colour changes to pink and in anger it changes to red. Red colour creates a feeling of heaviness on the other hand blue colour represents calmness and serenity.Greenery and colourful flowers are helpful in getting rid of mental and physical fatigue. The ratio of change in increase or decrease in a specific colour represents change in feelings or emotions of an individual.
During spiritual healing the colour code is intentionally changed in a student so that his/her mind comes closer to subconscious. Continued practice of meditation is essential for improving colouration in the senses. Meditation on coloured light should be done under the observation of a spiritual master otherwise it can affect the senses of the student.

There are four different methods of doing meditation on coloured lights.

Method 1: Sit in a comfortable position and visualize the waves of a specific colour of light being absorbed by the whole body.

Method 2: Imagine that waves of coloured light coming from the sky and is being absorbed by the brain.

Method 3: Imagine during meditation that the whole environment surrounding you is lit up with that coloured light.

Method 4: Imagine that you are immersed in the river of that light.

Medically and physiologically, each color of light has its own attributes. When the meditation of a certain color of light is performed, it cause chemical changes in the brain, which enables it to absorb as much as possible the light of that color. Since medical and psychological disorders are not the subject matter of this book we are not going to discuss this matter in detail. However, we will present meditation of color and light for such psychological disorders that occur because of mental confusion and paranoia.

NOTE: The decision, of what color of light meditation is to be given must be made by no other than a spiritual master.


Blue lights are instrumental in getting rid of mental disorders, neck and back pain, vertebra malfunctions, depression, inferiority complex, and weak will power. The correct way to do the meditation is as follows:
Imagine that you are sitting beneath the sky and the blue light is falling from the sky into your head and after passing through your entire body is going to the earth through the feet.


Meditation of the yellow light is effective is curing digestive disorders such as gas, intestinal pain, dysentery, constipation, pyorrhea, stomach ulcers, and similar symptoms.


Its best recommended for chest ailments such as chronic cough, asthma, ulceration of the lungs, and tuberculosis.


Meditation of green light is given to treat hypertension, skin disorders such as itching, eczema, discoloration of skin, gonorrhea, and syphilis.


The Meditation of red-lights is given to treat low blood pressure, depression, anemia, arthritis, low energy, cowardice, nervous break down, hopelessness, fear of death etc.


It's given to treat male sexual dysfunction such as impotence, loss of libido and female uterine disorders.


Hysteria, mental seizures, weak memory, paranoia, insecurity, negative thoughts about life, isolation, are treated with meditation of Pink color Lights.
(source: http://www.azeemiafoundationsa.com.au/)

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